Mepot is a very unique and happy alien, this is why he is friends with every little alien in his little unique planet.

However, one day his curiosity took him to another stage, and he began thinking of the possibility to go beyond every place he already knew, to explore new planets, get to know them and make new friends as well. Although he already had everything he needed for his new adventure he still had some doubts, for instance; where would he arrive? What would he do there? And whom to go to in case he needed anything? In other words, being far away from home would make him feel not only insecure but also afraid.

Thinking about all this, was almost enough for him to give up on all the plans he had already made to explore new planets. He thought it would be very risky and wouldn’t obtain any benefits, plus he wasn’t sure about what planet to visit. When he was about to drop the idea for good, he found a friend who had visited Earth, so they talked about all kind of things he could find over there and the new adventures his friend had been through. This chat really helped Mepot to reconsider everything he had planned and make the decision to begin with his new voyage.


Once he landed at Earth, all his fears vanished and he allowed himself to get a kick out of his new adventure. Traveling around has given Mepot a lot of self-confidence, allowing him to make from this journey an unforgettable adventure. Now he wants to invite all his little friends to do as he did, providing them with all the info they need so when they land at Earth they just feast upon their stay in every country they visit.

Nowadays Mepot has voyaged around the world to many countries such as, France, Brazil, Canada and currently he is in Mexico, where his main priority is to make the most out of each opportunity he has to get to know the country he is in.

Who would have thought that Mepot has been in Earth now for more than three years?

And just as he overcame all his fears, he was able to make from this journey an unforgettable adventure. Therefore he has given himself the task to invite all his little friends to live the same awesome and great experience he has lived, but unlikely before, now that he knows how Earth functions he will share with them all the info they need, so they don’t have to go through everything he had to go through, and they just feast upon their stay in every country they visit.

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