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Settle your assignees fast, with less worries
Your assignees have begun to relocate in Mexico, ExpatPoint offers the following packages designed to settle your assignees fast, with less worries, while covering all their settling needs.

The orientation tour is designed for expatriates and their families who already have some idea of where they are going to live. The goal is to distinguish easily the different points of interest.

The Orientation Tour offers different neighborhoods and residential areas.

Includes the following:

  • Comprehensive introduction to life in the specific city, covering a wide range of topics.
  • Orientation tour of local area.
  • Help with any problems /queries.
  • 6-8hrs of service per day.
  • Printed orientation material.
  • Native language or English – speaking liaison officer.

Moving to another country is never easy from the moment the decision is made. Furthermore, the process of searching the right house is often a convergence of exciting and nerve-racking emotions.

Understanding this situation, ExpatPoint provides advice and support to find the right place according to your needs and preferences. From one-bedroom apartments to fully furnished houses, our relocation consultants will help you look for that perfect home.

Our Services:

  • Through one central point of contact, ExpatPoint makes available to you several real estate solutions.
  • We coordinate and negotiate with landlords and managers representing and promoting your interests.

Guarantee for our services

  • We are prepared to react quickly, while we provide proficient solutions enabling you and your family to relocate with simplicity.
  • With our comprehensive house search and management program, we aim to reduce stressful experiences and distractions in your life during the process.
  • We perfectly know that every home is unique as the people living there. Hence we perform at scrupulous search to guarantee the best accomplishment of your criteria.
  • Guidance to complete all related procedures.
  • Bilingual support (if required).

For the expatriate and his family it is important to feel at home as soon as possible, in Expatpoint we offer the necessary support for the settling in to be as simple, quick and uncomplicated as possible.


  • Water / electricity / gas / telephone / cable or satellite TV / Internet
  • Contracting / buying a cell phone
  • Opening a bank account / obtaining a debit card
  • Establishing direct billing for services

ExpatPoint provides high quality service and expertise in advising assignees with information about school options for their children.

We advice assignees on:

  • Schools preferred by expatriate families
  • Provide Information on availability
  • Coordinate and visit schools
  • Advice with the completion of the registration process

Many options to shop are offered in Mexico, but comparison shopping is decisive to getting the best deal. Looking for all you need to settle in can be costly, especially when you are new in town. ExpatPoint simplifies your first shopping experiences by showing you to the most eligible and affordable alternatives.

Deal Shopping Tour

Find out amazing savings and quality goods. This tour is specifically tailored for new expats in Mexico.

  • Recognize where to buy quality furniture and house goods at a good price.
  • Find out great deals on electrical household appliances.
  • Visit the largest wholesale supermarkets and shopping centers.
  • Get special discounts in any product you need for your house or personal needs (e.g. curtains, bedding, decorative accessories, rugs or kitchen and bath items).
  • Be familiar with gourmet shops and restaurants to buy food from your own country.
  • Identify the local grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities and activities in your neighborhood.

Premium Shopping Tour

A tailored made tour for those shoppers looking for:

  • Original designs
  • Brand-name goods and furniture
  • As well as specialty items or needs (e.g. organic, kosher food, etc.).

As an expat you are never sure how long your assignment will take.  Furniture rental are a great option while household goods are shipped to the new location, we offer different packages and styles.

Pre-assignment set up
Getting settled shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. Your assignees have begun to relocate in Mexico. ExpatPoint offers the following packages designed to prepare your assignees for the relocation settling process.

The purpose of this trip is for the assignee and his/her family to see, feel and experience the city and country that they may be moving to, in the near future.The look-and-see trip is a very important component of a relocation package and will help you adjust quickly to your new life. During this trip, we will familiarize the assignee and his/her family with their new local living conditions by touring houses, visiting schools and points of interests.

Our Look & See Trips includes:

  • Welcome package and expat survival guide with useful information about the city and country, cost of living, tips, schools, desirable expat neighborhoods, and more.
  • Airport transfers.
  • City orientation tour.
  • Schooling overview.
  • Housing and living area overview.
  • Tour showing medical services, shopping areas, leisure facilities, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.

ExpatPoint makes the relocation transition process more comfortable for the expat and their family when they are not able to move into their permanent residence straight away or their assignment period is too short to commit to a normal rental property.

We have carefully selected short-term accommodation providers to offer the perfect solution to stay-at-home comfort and to save on hotel costs.

ExpatPoint can search for and secure fully furnished accommodation for periods of 1 week to 6 months.

We are convinced that first impressions are always the most important ones. Language or cultural boundaries might negatively impact on the assignee’s first perception of their destination. Our team can help make this first contact a very pleasant one by giving them the warmest of welcomes.

Service includes:

  • ONE airport ride.
  • English or native-speaking liaison officer will be available to welcome your assignees and answer their questions.
  • A comfortable vehicle will take your assignees from City airport to any part of the City.

Arrivals can be an incredibly anxious time; the last thing you need to worry about is whether your belongings will be safe during your move.
Our experts will ensure your move will be as smooth and simple as possible.

Ongoing support
Immerse into local culture, while easing everyday needs. Now that your assigness are settled. ExpatPoint helps your Expat personnel to immerse into local culture, while easing everyday needs.

Our cross cultural training helps assignees and their families to minimize culture shock and facilitates a more pleasant transition to local conditions.

From pre-departure to repatriation, our training options ease adaptation for assignees and their families, help individuals to grow business, identify opportunities, succeed in international assignments and build strong intercultural relationships.

Providing cross cultural training to international assignees will reduce the cultural gap between expectations and reality, it will help them to have a more realistic perspective of the coming challenges. Mistakes caused by cultural differences can be very costly and may impact the success of an assignment.

The better the understanding of the local culture, the easier the transition will be.
Available in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.
Available for individuals, work teams or families

The term trailing spouse is used to describe a person who follows his or her life partner to another city because of a work assignment. The most pointed issue a trailing spouse must learn to deal with is the loss of identity.

Trailing spouses often experience anger and frustration about their future. These feelings often cause them to become homesick, isolated, and depressed. However, moving abroad can offer an opportunity to start again and pursue a career or activity that had previously been unavailable.

ExpatPoint offers solutions to help you overcome this situation.

From computer to furniture repair, to plumbing and humidity problems. “Ask the Expert” is a question and answer service part of ExpatPoint Relocation Services to find out easy and cost-effective solutions to your house problems.

Being far away from homeland may be difficult, this is why we organize events regularly to bring together all the Expatriates living in Mexico. Join our events organized to help you meet other expats, local people and discover all the wonderful sites Mexico has to offer.

Check ExpatPoint Tours and events.

Moving to a new country can be exciting as well as challenging; however, taking the necessary steps can keep you safe from various risks associated with expatriate life. Feeling secure is one thing that every assingee will have to work on initially, Expatpoint offers security workshops to arm our  customers with all safety and security tips to make their stay in Mexico more fascinating and blissful. 

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