Repatriation Support

Whether you assignee is ready to leave Mexico, there are many things that need to be taken care of.
Planning your return home is as important as planning your arrival. ExpatPoint offer packages designed to assure a trouble free departure.

We build smart and flexible relocation programs so that your company can seamlessly relocate any assignee to Mexico.

We will assist you in providing written notification to terminate the rental contract according to the contract conditions.

Our team will perform an inspection to prepare the house/apartment for handover and oversee the return of the security deposit.

If you own a house or an apartment, we can also help you make arrangements for its sale or leasing.

We will arrange the disconnection of utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Telephone
  • Internet and cable
  • Give notice to any memberships and subscriptions you have

ExpatPoint makes the repatriation process more comfortable for the expat and their family when they need short temporary accommodation before leaving the country.

We have carefully selected short-term accommodation providers to offer the perfect solution to stay-at-home comfort and to save on hotel costs.

  • Departure can be an incredibly anxious time; the last thing you need to worry about is whether your belongings will be safe during your move.
  • We provide removal and shipping services relying on our vast network of international partners.
  • Our experts will ensure your move will be as smooth and simple as possible.

When it’s time to say goodbye ExpatPoint will coordinate the transportation for your arrival at the airport in a timely manner.

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